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Everything You Need To Know About Using Opioids Safely For Your Health
Everything You Need To Know About Using Opioids Safely For Your Health

Date: November 04, 2019

If you have been taking opioids for a very long time because your doctor has recommended the treatment, it is time that you plan the safe disposal of these medications for your health concerns. You must practice caution and differentiate between life and death of you and your loved ones. One of the most addictive medications is the opioids painkillers and too long dependence on it can result in you consuming the medications even when it is not required. 

The same is being preached by in the Tandy Conference Center Buprenorphine Waiver Training being organized this month. The conference is being organized for Oklahomans who suffer from opioid use curing it with the help of physical training. The main purpose of the conference is to prepare better physicians and medical students who can identify individuals with opioid disorders and engage with those patients and provide them with assisted medical treatment.   

The conference is for 8 hours wherein an in-person lecture is conducted covering all the medications and treatments to cure the opioid use disorder and provide the necessary education required to obtain the waiver to prescribe the medication of buprenorphine. 

The following are some points expected from your doctor

      • When a doctor is treating acute pain, they will prescribe you with the lowest effective dose. 

      • They will avoid or delay prescribing you opioids for chronic pain. 

      • They will work with the realistic treatment goals so that you can avoid getting addicted to it. 

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