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The Glenpool hotel is located strategically close to several attractions around the area. These attractions make a stay in our hotel an excellent one because from here you can commute easily to and from these amazing sites as much as you would love to.

Some of the re-known attractions that you can visit as you stay with us include:

Safari Joes H2O Water Park

Formerly known as Tulsa, Oklahoma's Big Splash water park, this is one of the top-rated attraction around Tulsa. 

It holds a lot of memories and fun attractions that you will enjoy. The park is currently under expansion and improvement so that it can be able to provide even more fun to its visitors.

The water park is only 14.6 miles from the hotel and has several amenities including the silver bullet, slide, and exotic birds and reptiles attraction.

Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium

This attraction is an aerospace museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. It is a 19,000 square feet property that harbors the museum harbors historical exhibits, hands-on activities and a vintage aircraft.

The museum also has educational facilities, therefore, making it ideal for school visits, summer camps, and scout groups. It is located only 20.5 mi from our hotel.

Tulsa Performing Arts Center

This site is within Glenpool and offers an avenue for performing arts. The center has four main theatres, a studio space, an art gallery, and a sizeable reception hall.

Located 13.2 miles from the hotel, the center is usually the main entertainment avenue across Tulsa hosting more than 14 local performance groups.

Turkey Mountain Park

This is a hidden place for hikes, which will offer you fun and fitness at the same time. The main Trailhead of the park is just 7 miles from the downtown and is never crowded.  You can be sure to enjoy your run or bike ride with no commotion.

Turkey Mountain is a treasure to anyone who visits Tulsa and is only 6. 2 miles from the hotel. This means you can enjoy your morning or evening run straight from the hotel to the park and back.

Jenks Trojan Aquatic Center

Located 4.6 miles from the hotel, this state of the art pool offers several programs for kids, adults, and senior citizens too. There are fitness classes, swim workout, swimming lessons, open lap swimming and a lot more activities that you can choose from. 

This center has both an Olympic size pool and an instructional pool that you can experience. The pools are well treated and have very clean and clear water that you will enjoy.

BOK Center

This attraction is a multi-purpose arena that offers indoor sports activities and other events in this area.

It is located just 10 miles from the hotel, with a system parking and security not left to chance you will have a great time dining or enjoying a concert in the center. You can get a ticket from ticket master and visit this amazing center. 

Once you visit us or check with us at Glenpool hotel, we will be sure to offer you the directions to these attraction sites if you would like to visit them. We can also direct our guest to guides that will help make sure that their stay at Tulsa is great and memorable.

Tulsa Aquarium

The Tulsa aquarium is a perfect place for educational tour or field trips. This public aquarium is spread over to an area of 72,000-square-foot that features aquatic life species like reef sharks, Caribbean fish, 300-pound sea turtles and many more. It is located 6 miles away from our hotel.